Rice's Addresses for mailing and shipping services


A departmental name and mail stop numbering system is used to rapidly identify and sort incoming mail.  It is important that all faculty and staff provide their assigned department and mail stop information when giving their mailing address to anyone.   A current listing of departmental names and mail stop numbers is provided on the Rice website.  It may be accessed by clicking on the connection below.

Mail will be received in an expedited manner when addressed to the P O Box address shown below.  It is important to always provide the Zip + 4 code for your mailing address.  Mail sent to 6100 Main Street will be delayed by one-three days in reaching its designated department.  Mail received without the appropriate department and mail stop number will be delayed in distribution while research is performed to locate the addressee.  Some mail may be returned to sender if the recipient cannot be accurately identified.

The faculty and staff mailing addresses for U.S. mail for on-campus AND off-campus departments are:

Individual Name
Department Name - MS#nnn
Rice University
P O Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892   where " MS#nnn" is a mail stop number.
Individual Name                                       (Use 6100 MAIN ST. for EXPRESS MAIL
Department Name - MS#nnn                          and FedEx EXPRESS)
Building Name and Room Number              
Rice University
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005

Physical Addresses for courier services for OFF-CAMPUS departments: (excludes FedEx EXPRESS)

          BRC:  6500 Main St., Houston, TX 77030 (include Department name, MS ###, Suite ###)

          IBC Bldg.:  5615 Kirby Dr., Houston, TX 77005, (include Department name, MS ###, Suite ###)

          DATA CTR.:   Bldg. A., 11620 Main St., Houston, TX 77025-5908

          LIBRARY SERVICE CENTER:  11620 Main St., Houston, TX 77025-5908

          RICE CHILDREN'S CAMPUS:  5504 Chaucer Dr., Houston, TX 77005

          ION: 4201 Main Street, MS 805, Houston, TX 77002

Undergraduate Students

Mail to each residential college should be adressed as indicated below.  All undergraduates, on- and off-campus, can receive mail at their residential colleges. No room number is neccesary.

Student Name
College Name
Street Address [see below]
Houston, TX 77005-[see below]
     Baker    6320 Main Street       Houston, Texas 77005-1891
     Brown    9 Sunset Blvd.    Houston, Texas 77005-1898
Duncan 1601 Rice Blvd. Houston, Texas 77005-4401
     Hanszen    6350 Main Street    Houston, Texas 77005-1888
     Jones    23 Sunset Blvd.    Houston, Texas 77005-1894
     Lovett    6310 Main Street    Houston, Texas 77005-1893
Martel 99 Sunset Blvd. Houston, Texas 77005-1858
McMurtry 1605 Rice Blvd. Houston, Texas 77005-4401
     Richardson       6360 Main Street    Houston, Texas 77005-1847
     Wiess    6340 Main Street    Houston, Texas 77005-1889
     Will Rice    6330 Main Street    Houston, Texas 77005-1890  



Graduate Students

RICE GRADUATE APARTMENTS            1515 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77005

RICE VILLAGE APARTMENTS                2410 Shakespeare Street, Houston, TX 77030

RICE VILLAGE TOWNHOMES                2405 Shakesspeare Street, Houston, TX 77030

All correspondence to Graduate Students should be sent through campus mail to the student's major department.  If mail is sent to the student at Rice Graduate Apartments, the address must include their unit # and the appropriate Zip + 4 and must be metered with postage.