Business Reply Mail

Services & Rates Manual

Business Reply Mail (BRM) service is a First Class accountable mail service enabling Rice departments to receive first-class mail without the respondent providing postage. Each receiving department is required to pay postage and handling fees on returned pieces only.

Delivery Services pre-pays all charges for returned BRM pieces. Charges include the appropriate first-class postage plus a handling charge for each BRM piece returned.

Reference the USPS Publication 95, Special Services Guide, for details.

Special requirements control the design of the BRM piece:

  • The reply piece may be a postcard, envelope, or flat in size. Special artwork for the return address and permit design is required to meet the USPS Business Reply Mail standards. Artwork requirements for the BRM format, including the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb), should be obtained from Delivery Services
  • Business Reply Mail must be returned to the university's P O Box number. BRM mail addressed to 6100 Main Street will not be received.
  • Each mail piece size carries a unique four-digit extension on the zip code and IMb barcode. None of the extensions are regularly used zip codes for daily mail.