Federal Express

Rice has discounted pricing negotiated for all campus mailers with Federal Express.  Federal Express provides a fast, reliable overnight service for letters, business documents and parcels. Delivery Services recommends this method of overnight delivery because of the reliability, traceability, and cost containment. 

This program has been streamlined for making shipments, receiving shipments, and on-line processing of charges. Each department has an account, can create shipping labels on-line, can track all package deliveries on-line, and receives their billings through an on-line load into iO. Shipping supplies can be ordered by calling 1-800-GO-FEDEX, or by contacting Delivery Services. All information pertaining to the cost of a shipment can be determined prior to its distribution by creating the shipping label on-line. 

To establish a new account, contact Delivery Services at owaldron@rice.edu. Creating an account on-line yourself does not place it into the correct billing mode nor does it provide negotiated reduced shipping rates. Billing corrections can be made by contacting Customer Service at 1-800-GO-FEDEX.

Inbound packages and outbound packages are managed centrally by Delivery Services. Inbound shipments usually arrive by 9:30 am daily in Delivery Services. Express overnight shipments are distributed with the morning departmental mail drops. Non-express shipments are delivered with the afternoon mail the same day.

Outbound Federal Express can be placed in the regular departmental mail pick-up area, and will be picked up upon request, with the last pick-up departing Delivery Services.

Shipments prepared after pick up can be taken to Delivery Services by 3 pm. 

Shipments prepared after drop-boxes were picked up can be taken to other FEDEX collection stations. Convenient locations include FedEx in the Village (before 7 p.m.) and the FedEx office located at 2795 Holly Hall (off Fannin between the Astrodome and 288, before 8 pm.).

Special instructions include:

  • Prepare shipping label on-line by following the prompts. Pre-printed labels can be made available for emergency use.
  • Check rates for domestic or international shipments.
  • Insurance coverage can be provided.
  • Shipments can be sent to major cities within the United States the following business day; only two-day service is available to remote cities.
  • Shipments can be sent to international locations, with selected cities in Western Europe receiving over-night deliveries. NOT ALL COUNTRIES ARE SERVED. Check on-line international shipping procedures for more details.
  • On-line tracking will identify when the package has been delivered and who signed for it.
  • Two-day delivery at reduced rates.
  • FedEx Ground is recommended for boxes.  Delivery is anywhere between 2 and 5 days depending on distance.  Insurance is available.  This is not a guaranteed money back service.
  • Saturday delivery can be specified for an extra fee
  • A street address is always required.
  • Federal Express envelopes, boxes, and tubes are available in Delivery Services.

Need to ship personal items?  A FedEx shipment center is located at the campus Post Office.  Discounted rates are passed on to the customers. Payment can  be made in cash, check made out to Rice University or credit card.  FedEx Ground offers very competitive prices when shipping heavy or large boxes. We provide free FedEx Express envelopes, recycled boxes and free fillers.  Call to check availability. 713-348-2538.