Incoming Mail


The university uses a numeric mail stop system for sorting and delivering incoming mail. This system streamlines the sorting process and assists Delivery Services with managing an increasingly complicated mail delivery service.

Each department has a unique mail stop number to be used at the end of the department address line. To expedite the processing of incoming mail, please provide your mail stop number and 9-digit zip code when giving correspondents a university address.

To request new mail stop numbers or to relocate an existing mail stop delivery destination, notify the Delivery Services Manager at ext. 3061 or e-mail information to 

For faster receipt of letters and packages sent through the United States Postal Services use PO Box 1892 and the following address format:

    Individual's Name
    Department Name - MS#
    Rice University
    P O Box 1892
    Houston, TX 77251-1892

EXPRESS MAIL should be addressed to 6100 Main St., Houston, TX 77005-1892.  The USPS delivers Express Mail addressed to 6100 Main Street to Delivery Services by 3 pm and it is delivered to the department by Delivery Services the next morning.  Express Mail addressed to the PO Box 1892 is delayed by one day.  Mail addressed to the PO Box is picked up by Delivery Services at the downtown Post Office at 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and delivered to the departments on the morning route.

If you are expecting an urgent or a time-sensitive item, please contact Delivery Services at ext. 5826 in advance to help us expedite your delivery.


Federal Express incoming and outgoing shipments are centrally managed by Delivery Services (see Federal Express section) for all departments located on and off-campus.

Federal Express, Ground and Home shipments addressed to students at their residential college address are dropped off in Delivery Services and are delivered on the first available route. 

All other couriers are required to deliver to the individual departments and residential colleges. Include the department name, building and room location, at 6100 Main St, 77005.  Students need to use their residential colleges' street address for delivery.  Off-campus offices need to include their physical street address and suite number.  Please include the recipient's name, department name, building and room number. 


Students receive delivery to unique street addresses for each college. With the exception of FedEx, all couriers deliver to each street address. With the exception of the Rice Graduate Apartments, mail is sorted by staff in each location.

Student mail is to be addressed using the following addresses.

Johnny Student 
Rice University 
College Name 
#### Street Address 
Houston, TX 77005- (plus unique 4-digit zip code)

Undergraduate Students

Baker College, 6320 Main St, 77005-1891

Brown College, 9 Sunset Blvd, 77005-1898

Duncan College, 1601 Rice Blvd, 77005-4401

Hanszen College, 6350 Main St, 77005-1888

Jones College, 23 Sunset Blvd, 77005-1894

Lovett College, 6310 Main St, 77005-1893

Martel College, 99 Sunset Blvd., 77005-1858

McMurtry College, 1605 Rice Blvd, 77005-4401

Richardson College, 6360 Main St, 77005-1847

Wiess College, 6340 Main St, 77005-1889

Will Rice College, 6330 Main St, 77005-1890

Graduate Students

Rice Graduate Apartments, 1515 Bissonnet Street. (each student has a unique box number and 9-digit zip code starting with 77005-)

Rice Village Apartments, 2410 Shakespeare Street (each student has a unique box number and 9-digit zip code starting with 77030-)

Rice Village Townhomes, 2405 Shakespeare Street (each studnet has a unique box number adn 9-digit zip code starting with 77030-)


Wall Street Journal, Houston Chronicle, etc. courier comes to Delivery Services at 7:00 a.m. Monday-Friday. Papers are distributed to the mail stop numbers with the 9:30 a.m. delivery.