Outgoing Mail Instructions


Departmental Mail

All postage is determined and affixed in the Delivery Services area. Each mail stop must provide appropriate Departmental Mailing Card with fund/org charging information for all mail originating in their departments. The form must be attached to your mail at the time of collection by your assigned courier.

Flat mail (envelopes larger tha 6x9) will be sent the most economical way unless it is marked as First Class, Library Rate, Printed Matter (international destination), Priority, Bound Printed Matter (domestic destination) or Express Mail . For specific details for each class, contact the Delivery Services @ 2562. International Mail weighing more than 16 oz must bear a customs form.  The customs form can be completed online.

Separate your outgoing mail by class: REQUIRES POSTAGE (Departmental Mailing Card needs to be attached), STAMPED; INTERNATIONAL; INTERDEPARTMENTAL.

Large volumes of inter-departmental mail must be sorted and bundled by mail stop  

Large volumes of international mail going to the same country should be banded together for ease in handling. When using Business Reply Mail envelopes, place them in the STAMPED box.

Interdepartmental mail must be placed into red/white interdepartmental envelopes or specially marked multi-use interdepartmental manila envelopes. Failure to use these types of envelopes may result in your mail entering the USPS mail stream.

Mail will be charged back based on actual usage. Delivery Services uses metering equipment with the ability to account for postage. Contact the Delivery Services @ 2562 if you have any questions or need further information.

Campus USPS Post Office

The campus Post Office, located in the Annex Building. We do not ship international parcels via USPS. Hours are 8 a.m. through 4 p.m. Monday through Friday with the exception of federal and university holidays. The staff can answer special mailing questions related to rates, international customs, and other issues.

Personal Mail

Delivery Services will collect personal mail if appropriate postage is affixed to each piece. University policy requires all personal mail to be stamped before being placed in the outgoing mail. Mail bearing no return address or postage will be considered personal, and will not be processed.