Delivery Schedules and Mailing and Shipping Deadlines


Mail Stops

Delivery Services utilizes a centralized mail stop sorting system for inbound  and inter-departmental mail. This system has been designed to increase the timeliness, speed, and efficiency of each mail run.

It is important that all mail carry a mail stop number. Mail received with no departmental name and number is held until time permits to locate the individual’s department and mail stop number.

Submit requests for new mail stops or changes to existing mail stops to the Delivery Services Manager.

Dispatching U.S. Mail

Outgoing mail is dispatched several times daily, with the last shipment dispatched from the mailroom at 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Federal holidays not observed by Rice have no impact on our mail processing.

Campus Post Office mail leaves the campus at 4 p.m. The Campus Post Office operates on the same schedule as Delivery Services, with the exception of observing Federal holidays.

Receipt of U.S. Mail

Mail addressed to university box addresses arrives on campus at 7 a. m.  This mail is delivered the day it is received.

All mail addressed to 6100 Main Street is received between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m,  and is distributed the following day.

Mail Deliveries to Departments

The campus is separated into 5 routes. Delivery Services' staff leaves for the morning at 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. for the afternoon route. 

Departmental time of arrival depends on the route schedule and the amount of mail each carrier has on the route. The carrier may pick up large mailings at each run; however, mail cart size may limit the volume to be handled. For assured pick-up of large mailings, advise your courier in advance or call Delivery Services for a special pick up.

Special Delivery and Express

Special Delivery and Express Mail will be delivered to the department on the first run. If packages are received at other times, it will be delivered as quickly as possible or the department will be informed when the package is received. The items are available for pick up if scheduling is a problem.

Delivery Services uses an internal tracking system for all mail and packages with a barcode. If a package is considered overdue or missing, please contact Delivery Services immediately. Provide the tracking number, the shipping method, the party to whom it is addressed, and the party sending the shipment. All efforts possible will be made in assisting you in locating the shipment.